• Investing and Wealth Buildingnext crypto bull run

    When is the next Crypto Bull Run? Prediction and Analysis

    Crypto bull runs refer to prolonged periods of significant price increases across the cryptocurrency markets. These runs have occurred a few times in Bitcoin’s history, with massive gains for investors. Briefly looking back, the first notable bitcoin bull run happened in late 2013, with prices rising from around $125 to over $1,100 within two months. The 2017 crypto bull run…

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  • Investing and Wealth BuildingWhat is Cryptocurrency

    Introduction to Cryptocurrency

    Digital money sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but cryptocurrencies are very real and causing massive waves in finance today! Unlike the physical bills and coins we’re used to, cryptocurrency refers to decentralized digital money that uses advanced cryptography for security. The “crypto” part comes from the cryptographic techniques that allow sending and receiving digital currency securely. Now…

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