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  • Michigan presidential primary elections

    Exclusive Insight From Michigan’s Early In Person Presidential Primary Voting

    In-person early voting for Michigan’s Feb. 27 presidential primary is currently underway following a constitutional amendment passed in November 2022. Michigan residents can cast their ballots up to nine days before Election Day at designated early voting locations. Detroit residents have 14 specific locations to choose from, including various community centers and government offices. Early voting centers are open from…

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  • how much does a cruise ship captain make

    How Much Does a Cruise Ship Captain Make? (February 2024)

    Have you ever wondered how much the person steering that massive cruise liner makes? Cruise ship captains have huge responsibilities, overseeing the safety of thousands of passengers and crew. But their salaries don’t always reflect the demands of the job. So how much does a cruise ship captain make? What factors determine their pay? And what are the perks that…

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  • Sad situation for trump

    Trump’s Losing Streak Continues with $355 Million Fraud Penalty

    New York, NY – Former president Donald J. Trump’s reputation as a “Teflon Don” who can evade consequences seems to be unraveling with his latest legal setback – a whopping $355 million fine for business fraud levied by a New York judge last week. This massive penalty is just the latest in a series of high-profile losses for the embattled…

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  • south Carolina primary elections

    “Crossover Voting” Blurs Party Lines in South Carolina Primaries

    Columbia, SC (February 20, 2024) – South Carolina’s unique open primary system contains a little-discussed quirk that blurs traditional party lines and injects uncertainty into the state’s critical “First in the South” presidential primary contests. This loophole, known as “crossover voting,” allows voters who did not participate in one party’s nominating contest to vote in the other party’s primary. With…

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  • Biden visits Palestine

    Biden Visits East Palestine: “We Will Make This Right” After Toxic Train Trauma

    East Palestine, OH – One year to the day after a fiery Norfolk Southern train derailment upended life in this small Ohio town, President Joe Biden arrived via Air Force One with a message to residents: we haven’t forgotten you. President Vows Accountability, Assistance to “Rebuild and Restore” Community Stepping off the plane at the Pittsburgh International Airport and onto…

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  • Putin predicts Biden to be next prime minister

    Putin Stuns With Preference for Biden, Dismissing Trump as Unpredictable

    MOSCOW, Russia – In a shocking declaration, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated he would prefer to see Joe Biden win reelection in 2024 over Donald Trump, calling the current president “more predictable” than the former. Putin made the startling remarks in an exclusive interview on Russian state television this week, marking the first time he has commented on the upcoming…

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  • available jobs in capital goods

    List of Available Jobs in Capital Goods: February 2024

    Capital goods refer to the physical, tangible objects businesses use to produce goods and services. They include machinery, vehicles, equipment, tools, buildings, and other infrastructure. These goods differ from consumer goods as they are invested in rather than bought outright. The capital goods industry comprises around 80 overlapping sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, construction, transportation, aerospace, and defense. Companies in this…

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  • Israel and Hamas war update

    Violence Flares Between Israel and Hamas Militants in Gaza

    Gaza City, February 14, 2024 – A new round of violence has broken out between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, threatening to plunge the long-simmering conflict into another deadly phase. Airstrikes and Rocket Fire Escalate Tensions The latest unrest began on February 13th, when Hamas fired rockets from Gaza into southern Israel in a stated…

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  • Startup financing

    Startup Financing: How to Fund Your New Business Venture

    Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor, but it also requires capital to get off the ground. Whether you need money to rent office space, hire employees, or develop a product, finding the right type of startup financing can be a challenge. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the most common options entrepreneurs use to fund their startups.…

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  • Israel Attack on-Rafah

    Biden Urges Israel to Protect Civilians in Gaza Before Major Offensive in Rafah

    Rafah, Gaza Strip (February 13, 2024) – As over 1 million Palestinians shelter in Rafah, Gaza after fleeing violence, US President Joe Biden has strongly urged Israel to ensure the safety of civilians before launching any major military operation in the densely populated city. In high stakes move, Biden emphasized to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that a “credible plan”…

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