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  • Business and Economyhow much does a cruise ship captain make

    How Much Does a Cruise Ship Captain Make? (February 2024)

    Have you ever wondered how much the person steering that massive cruise liner makes? Cruise ship captains have huge responsibilities, overseeing the safety of thousands of passengers and crew. But their salaries don’t always reflect the demands of the job. So how much does a cruise ship captain make? What factors determine their pay? And what are the perks that…

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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in capital goods

    List of Available Jobs in Capital Goods: February 2024

    Capital goods refer to the physical, tangible objects businesses use to produce goods and services. They include machinery, vehicles, equipment, tools, buildings, and other infrastructure. These goods differ from consumer goods as they are invested in rather than bought outright. The capital goods industry comprises around 80 overlapping sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, construction, transportation, aerospace, and defense. Companies in this…

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  • Business and EconomyMost dangerous jobs in the world

    Top 10 Horribly Dangerous Jobs in the World

    Workplace safety has improved remarkably over the last century, yet some professions remain extraordinarily hazardous. Jobs with the highest risk of injury or fatality usually involve working in dangerous environments, extreme physical labor, operating heavy machinery, and other treacherous tasks. While workplace deaths have decreased across most industries, deaths from dangerous jobs are still high compared to other professions. Understanding…

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  • Business and EconomyUS added 353000 jobs in January

    Stunning Job Growth Defies Expectations as US Adds 353,000 Jobs in January

    The US economy stunned forecasters by adding 353,000 jobs in January 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest employment report. This robust hiring shatters predictions of just 180,000 new positions and highlights the continued strength in the nation’s job market. The unemployment rate remained low at 3.7%, close to a 50-year record low. For the first time since…

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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in public utilities

    List of Available Jobs in Public Utilities | Get Hired Easily!

    As vital services providing electricity, natural gas, water, sewage treatment and telecommunications to homes and businesses, public utilities offer over 558,000 stable, good-paying jobs in the United States. With an aging workforce retiring in the coming years and increasing infrastructure demands of a growing population, the number of utility jobs available is projected to rise even further. Read More: What…

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  • Business and Economywhat do public utilities jobs pay

    What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

    The public utilities sector plays a vital role in providing essential services like electricity, gas, water, sewage, and telecommunications to homes and businesses. As such, jobs in public utilities offer stable careers with good salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for all occupations in utilities is $69,960, much higher than the national average…

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  • Personal Financejobs for 13 year olds

    Jobs for 13 Year Olds That Pay Well

    Turning 13 sparks that first taste of independence. Yet bigger expenses arise too for interests like gadgets, entertainment, and hanging out with friends. Seeking part-time work represents a logical way to start earning income. But jobs for 13 year olds face tight legal restrictions – if not outright bans – across traditionally physical roles involving dangerous equipment or materials. This…

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  • Personal FinanceJobs for 14 Year Olds

    Best Jobs for 14 Year Olds in 2023-2024

    Turning 14 ushers in new independence horizons for teens alongside growing expenses from social and extracurricular activities. Seeking part-time work represents a logical way to start earning an income. But workplace laws and norms around employing 14 year old minors impose rightful restrictions that parents and applicants must recognize. This guide examines the legal landscape when considering jobs for 14…

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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in basic industries

    List of Available Jobs in Basic Industries

    Basic industries form the foundation of the economy by producing raw materials, fuel, infrastructure and other essentials that enable virtually all public and private sector activity. These sectors include manufacturing, agriculture, mining, energy, utilities and construction. Understanding employment levels across basic industries provides insight into the health, productivity and growth trends powering the broader economic landscape. As key suppliers and…

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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in consumer services

    Exploring the Available Jobs in Consumer Services

    Introduction to Consumer Services Consumer services refer to services sold to individuals and families, not businesses. This broad sector includes retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, financial services, and more. These services meet the daily needs and preferences of consumers. The Scope of Consumer Services in the US Over 140 million jobs in the US are in consumer services. The service sector…

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