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Putin Stuns With Preference for Biden, Dismissing Trump as Unpredictable

MOSCOW, Russia – In a shocking declaration, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated he would prefer to see Joe Biden win reelection in 2024 over Donald Trump, calling the current president “more predictable” than the former.

Putin made the startling remarks in an exclusive interview on Russian state television this week, marking the first time he has commented on the upcoming U.S. presidential race.

Biden, he’s more experienced, more predictable, he’s a politician of the old formation,Putin told the interviewer, adding he is willing to work with any U.S. leader the American people have confidence in.

The endorsement of sorts comes despite the ramping up of tensions between Russia and the West under Biden’s leadership over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine last year. Biden has spearheaded NATO support for Kyiv including billions in military aid.

Yet Putin shrugged off the animosity, describing the 46th president as an old school” politician he can anticipate unlike the mercurial Trump.

Trump’s Unpredictability Spooks Putin

Putin’s preference is likely connected to Trump’s recent statements indicating he would not defend certain NATO member countries if reelected.

The remarks caused shockwaves amongst European allies who rely on the alliance’s collective defense pact. Putin however suggested Trump has “his own view” when it comes to relations with NATO partners.

While Putin noted he saw flaws in Biden administration policies, Trump’s unpredictability regarding NATO appears to spook the Russian leader intent on dividing the longstanding military alliance.

Biden More Physically Capable Than Rumors Suggest

Putin also dismissed rumors about Biden’s physical and mental fitness which have swirled since the president’s election.

Meeting with Biden in 2021, Putin claimed he saw no indications of incapacity despite the then 78-year-old frequently consulting notes.

They talked about him being incapacitated, but I saw nothing of the kind,Putin noted.Yes, he was peeking at his papers, to be honest, I was peeking at mine, not a big deal.

The Russian president’s assessment comes after Biden received a clean bill of health from his physician last year, quashing GOP claims he is unfit to serve.

Interview An Attempt to Disrupt U.S. Election?

While Putin insisted he was not trying to interfere in the 2024 race, experts say the provocative interview was likely an effort to stir turmoil.

Putin is clearly trying to divide the American electorate and disrupt our democratic process once again,” said political analyst Igor Kovanov.

We cannot take these comments at face value given his history of election meddling and the atmosphere of hostility toward the United States.

Kovanov added Biden remains Putin’s chief adversary on the world stage despite any praise.

The White House has not responded to Putin’s remarks, but Biden previously blasted Trump for “bowing down” to the Russian president over his NATO remarks.

With the presidential race heating up, the rivals are sure to face off over Putin’s preferences on the campaign trail. Voters nationwide will render the final verdict on Election Day 2024.

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