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Exclusive Insight From Michigan’s Early In Person Presidential Primary Voting

In-person early voting for Michigan’s Feb. 27 presidential primary is currently underway following a constitutional amendment passed in November 2022. Michigan residents can cast their ballots up to nine days before Election Day at designated early voting locations.

Detroit residents have 14 specific locations to choose from, including various community centers and government offices. Early voting centers are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Feb. 25. The Detroit Evening Report podcast provides more information on this and other local news updates.

Latest Insights

A significant turnout for the state’s first experience has been seen with early, in-person voting, following the approval of Proposal 2 in 2022. The Michigan Secretary of State’s Office commended the efforts of clerks and election workers in ensuring the success of this historic endeavor.

In-person early voting for the upcoming presidential primary in Michigan has seen slow participation rates, with only a fraction of registered voters taking advantage of the new option.

Despite efforts to increase awareness, including extended hours and multiple locations, turnout remains low. However, officials remain optimistic about its potential benefits, particularly for voters who prefer to avoid the crowds on Election Day.

Key Points:

  • Over 18,000 voters cast ballots early during the first weekend (Feb 17-19) of Michigan’s 2024 presidential primary, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.
  • More than 747,000 absentee ballots have been submitted, reflecting a 60% increase compared to 2020.
  • This marks the first time Michigan offers a minimum of nine days for early in-person voting, thanks to Proposal 2 passed in 2022.
  • Early voting continues through Sunday, Feb 25th, with daily updates on turnout available from the State Department.
  • Final totals by jurisdiction will be posted on Feb 26th.

For Further Information

To be sure you have the latest information, it’s always a good idea to check with official sources, like the official Michigan Secretary of State’s website: Michigan Secretary of State’s Website.

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