• Loans, Taxes, and Lawhealth insurance companies

    Best Health Insurance Companies to Consider in 2024

    Choosing the right health insurance company is crucial to getting adequate and affordable coverage. With costs rising faster than wages, picking the wrong plan or provider can strain your budget. This article reviews the top 25 health insurance companies to consider when choosing a coverage in 2024 based on financial stability, coverage options, discounts, technology, and customer satisfaction. What Makes…

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  • Personal FinanceProgressive insurance review

    Progressive Insurance Review: Auto Insurance Coverage, Cost and More

    If you’re looking for car insurance, Progressive is likely on your radar. As one of the largest auto insurers in the U.S., Progressive offers policies nationwide. But how does their coverage, cost, discounts and customer service stack up? This in-depth Progressive insurance review will cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Overview of Progressive Insurance Founded…

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  • Personal FinanceCheapest cars to insure in 2024

    A List of Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2024

    With car insurance rates continuing to rise in 2024, finding an affordable premium can be a challenge. But the vehicle you drive makes a big impact on what you’ll pay. We’ve researched the most inexpensive models using industry data on full coverage rates. How Much Could You Save? Insure a Subaru Outback, and you’ll pay a national average premium of…

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  • Personal FinanceWhat is accident forgiveness and how it works

    What is Accident Forgiveness and How it Works?

    Accident forgiveness is an increasingly popular optional add-on coverage for car insurance policies. But what exactly is accident forgiveness, how does it work, and is it worth paying extra for this protection? This comprehensive guide covers everything drivers need to know about accident forgiveness auto insurance. What is Accident Forgiveness? Accident forgiveness is a special type of car insurance coverage…

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  • Personal FinancePersonal injury protection insurance

    What Does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Cover?

    Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is a type of car insurance that covers medical expenses and other costs if you or your passengers are injured in an accident. PIP is required in some states but optional in others. So what exactly does PIP cover and what are the benefits? What is Personal Injury Protection Insurance? Personal injury protection, or PIP,…

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  • Personal FinanceCar insurance for new drivers

    The Cost of Car Insurance for a New Driver Per Month

    Getting car insurance for the first time can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you’re a new or young driver. But just how much does it cost per month for a new driver to get insured? The average cost of car insurance for a new driver per month is typically between $150 to $300 depending on age, location, driving history…

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  • Personal Financehow does comprehensive car insurance

    Comprehensive Car Insurance: What does it Cover?

    Comprehensive car insurance is a valuable coverage that protects your vehicle if it’s damaged in an event unrelated to a collision. But how exactly does it work? Read on for a complete guide to comprehensive auto insurance. What is Comprehensive Car Insurance? Comprehensive insurance covers repairs or replacement if your vehicle is damaged or lost due to non-collision-related incidents. These…

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  • Personal FinanceTerm life insurance

    What is Term Life Insurance and How Does It Work?

    Term life insurance is one of the most affordable ways to protect your loved ones financially if you were to pass away unexpectedly. But how does term life insurance work and is it the right type of policy for your needs? This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about term life insurance. What is Term Life Insurance?…

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  • Personal Financehow to get health insurance without a job

    How to Get Health Insurance Without a Job: Complete Information

    Losing your job can be stressful enough without having to worry about health insurance. Fortunately, you have several options to get affordable health coverage even if you are unemployed. This guide will walk you through the main ways to get health insurance without a job, factors to consider when choosing a plan, and tips for saving money on healthcare costs…

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  • Loans, Taxes, and LawComprehensive insurance

    What is Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage?

    Comprehensive insurance is an optional type of car insurance that covers damage to your vehicle from non-collision incidents. It goes beyond basic liability coverage to protect against theft, vandalism, weather events, fire, hitting animals, and more. If you’ve ever wondered “What is comprehensive insurance and should I get it?”, this guide will explain everything you need to know about this…

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