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Harper Lewis, a senior author, seamlessly blends literary prowess with a profound understanding of law and insightful opinions. Her multifaceted expertise enriches her work, offering readers a unique perspective at the intersection of literature and legal insight.
  • Loans, Taxes, and LawCan a Power of Attorney Transfer Money to Themselves

    Can a Power of Attorney Transfer Money to Themselves

    Introduction A Power of Attorney (POA) is a useful tool for managing finances if you become unable to do so yourself. But the authority bestowed upon a POA also holds risks of abuse. This article examines whether a POA can legally transfer your money into their own accounts. Legal Framework Governing POA Financial Transactions The Power of Attorney (POA) financial…

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  • Loans, Taxes, and Lawdo the Amish pay taxes

    Do the Amish Pay Taxes? A Look at Their Unique Tax Obligations

    The Amish community, with their simple way of life and limited use of modern technologies, have long fascinated outsiders. But despite their separation from mainstream society, they still have certain civic duties like the rest of us. One question that often comes up is – do Amish people pay taxes?  In this article, we’ll explore the Amish tax system and…

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  • Loans, Taxes, and LawCan an Executor Decide Who Gets What

    Can an Executor Decide Who Gets What?

    When someone passes away, there estate needs to be distributed to the deceased’s beneficiaries. This distribution is typically handled by an executor, who is named in the will. But does the executor have total power to decide who gets what? Let’s take a look. Also read our guide on how long does the executor have to pay the beneficiaries. What…

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  • Loans, Taxes, and LawCost to adopt someone over 18

    How Much Does It Cost to Adopt Someone Over 18?

    Adopting an adult is a big decision that involves a formal legal process. Unlike adopting a child, there are typically no agency fees involved when adopting another adult. However, there are still court costs and legal fees to consider. In this article, we’ll break down the average costs associated with adult adoption and the factors that influence expenses. Average Cost…

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  • Personal FinanceHow Long Does the Executor Have to Pay the Beneficiaries

    How Long Does the Executor Have to Pay the Beneficiaries

    The passing of a loved one is an emotional and challenging time. As an executor, you take on the great responsibility of managing the estate settlement and ensuring beneficiaries receive the inheritance they are entitled to. But before you can distribute assets to heirs, a detailed legal process must run its course. Probate procedures establish protections for all parties, but also…

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