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8 Best Personal Finance Podcasts to Listen

Expanding knowledge, gaining insights, benchmarking behaviors — endless reasons exist for pursuing financial literacy. But navigating dense text-based resources often deters commitment matching the always-accelerating world now facing younger generations especially. This makes discovering wisdom through entertaining podcasts essential.

By carrying money mastery concepts to our ears everywhere, the best personal finance podcasts broadcast specialized knowledge hands-free into daily routines without added screens, hampering holistic growth and seeking harmony, balancing real-world priorities and relentless monetary pressures.

Let’s explore the top podcasts securing financial futures this year.

Why Listen to Financial Podcasts?

  1. Digestible Learning – Condensing complex concepts into conversational tidbits rationally scaffolds proper foundations mindfully — not just shotgun overwhelming information firehoses drowning good intentions. Relatable advice sticks longer when presented amiably.
  2. Commute Control – Claiming agency directing attention towards enrichment counteracts toxic drives distracting consciousness. Forty hours yearly become uplifting through selective audio stimulus guarding the mental gates judiciously.
  3. Community Building – By collectively consuming shareable wisdom across generations universally facing financial insecurity, connections cultivate organically beyond the siloed existence often invoked online now. Shared consciousness raises all participants eventually.

1. Afford Anything

  • Episode length: 45 to 75 minutes
  • Release schedule: Weekly
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: 4.7

In the Afford Anything podcast, host Paula Pant explores the idea that you can “afford anything, but not everything” – not only for your money but also your time, energy, and attention. The show emphasizes the importance of intentional money choices and explores how to align daily habits and behaviors with the lifestyle we want to live.

While Afford Anything is primarily about money and investing, Paula frames these topics through the lens of psychology and critical thinking. Topics include financial independence and entrepreneurship travel, productivity, and personal development.

If you want to understand how your thought patterns and cognitive biases inform your financial decisions, or as Paula says, “thinking about how to think,” this podcast is for you.

2. Journey to Launch

  • Episode length: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Release schedule: Weekly
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: 4.8

Journey to Launch is a finance podcast hosted by Jamila Souffrant that is dedicated to empowering listeners to achieve financial freedom. Its focus serves millennials and Gen Zers who know their goals but need paths to secure them.

The podcast provides practical insights into executing financial objectives through solo episodes and expert guest interviews. It covers everything from budgeting and saving to debt management techniques, side hustle ideas, and psychological aspects of money management.

Are you appreciating real-life success stories? Learn from someone who is already walking the path to financial freedom.

3. The Ramsey Show

  • Episode length: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Release schedule: Weekdays, 2 to 4 pm ET
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: Unknown

Once a struggling 1990s local radio show, The Ramsey Show now broadcasts nationally across mediums hosted by finance expert Dave Ramsey. After battling bankruptcy and millions in debt, Ramsey shares practical guidance, helping listeners learn from his past monetary mistakes.

Expect a focus on becoming and remaining debt-free. But Ramsey covers additional topics like budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning using his signature no-nonsense approach, ensuring accessibility for all seeking control over elusive finances.

4. Money for the Rest of Us

  • Episode length: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Release schedule: Wednesdays at midnight ET
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: 4.5

Desiring more confidence investing but need help knowing where to start? Money for the Rest of Us, hosted by former chief investment strategist David Stein, helps through community sharing success, failures, and lessons learned.

Mainly an investing focus, David simplifies complex concepts he professionally managed, helping millions craft sensible personal finance strategies anyone can understand. This shows that it bridges gaps of yearning expertise minus privileged financial background requirements to succeed.

5. BiggerPockets Money

  • Episode length: 45 minutes
  • Release schedule: Mondays and Fridays
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: Unknown

A spinoff of the popular real estate podcast BiggerPockets, BiggerPockets Money, alongside hosts Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench, explicitly discusses the financial aspects of investing beyond just properties.

With extensive money management experience, Mindy and Scott target topics like budgeting, saving, debt reduction, and retirement planning but emphasize educational foundations striving to build listener wealth over time using multiple vectors.

6. Stacking Benjamins

  • Episode length: 60 to 90 minutes
  • Release schedule: 1 to 2 episodes weekly
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: Unknown

What occurs weekly when a former financial advisor and a podcast host known only as “OG” tackle wealth-building? Stacking Benjamins is an irreverent show discussing money for people wanting more.

Joe Saul-Sehy and OG incorporate entertaining segments, ridiculous anecdotes, and listener questions, delivering sometimes unorthodox but thought-provoking personal finance perspectives. This show stacks entertainment plus substance if you crave investing guidance or retirement planning strategies with a comedic twist.

7. Planet Money

  • Episode length: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Release schedule: Every 2 to 3 days
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: 4.6

Hosted by National Public Radio since the 2008 financial crisis, Planet Money breaks down intricate economic and business concepts, powerfully shaping society in understandable ways.

Think money impacts life? Planet Money explores how using unconventional, entertaining narratives helps average citizens grasp banking, markets, policy, and even quirky events that tie into bigger fiscal pictures.

Financial literacy and humor fuse insightfully when the economy seems inaccessible. This show builds bridges well.

8. Rich By Intention

  • Episode length: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Release schedule: Tuesdays
  • Apple Podcasts ratings: 5

Personal finance combines marriage management, equaling fiery discussions even among stable relationships. But through the Rich By Intention podcast, hosts Anjie and RJ tackle money and matrimony head-on using realistic anecdotes and wisdom, helping couples judiciously merge monetary worlds long-term.

Beyond walking their financial independence path, Anjie and RJ feature money veterans and novice explorers, focusing on aligning fiscal collaboration, open communication, intentional living, and pragmatic decision-making – not dreary spreadsheets alone.

Love tends to flow finances, followed by some podcast guidance. Tune in with your special someone.

Final Takeaways Finding Your Favorite Shows

Hopefully, uncovering this financial podcast sampling spotlights potential audio allies securing your family’s future freedom beyond frantic workweeks, scarcely breathing. Carve out learning spaces everywhere, untethering monetary knowledge from stationary study locations and rarely revisiting practical concepts mentally.

Consistency creates competence even in calamity. Master the mind first, meeting societal madness with money management serenity second. But act now before inertia takes hold.

Commit commuting hours claiming consciousness. Acquire insight incrementally, not intimidated, needing more mastery immediately. Invest in small pockets daily rather than abandoning leadership requiring more complete expertise today. Tiny gains accumulate and are impacted by integrity over time.

What show resonates most presently? Dedicate drives and dishes, firstly seeking applicable advice, not abstract academia devoid of relatable relevance. Soon, sufficient knowledge surfaces to candle catastrophes wisely when windfalls waiver, wanting wisdom formerly walked.


What podcast is best for beginning investors?

For fledgling investors, Money for the Rest of Us offers beginner-friendly guidance explaining core concepts clearly without insider jargon. Building competence requires foundations before advancing towards nuanced strategies. Start with clarity, then add complexity later.

Which money podcast is most entertaining?

Balancing insight with irreverence, Stacking Benjamins incorporates segments that educate and amuse audiences. Dull lectures lose listeners quickly. Blending humor alongside wealth-building discussions makes absorbing advice effortless, not exhausting – essential when commuting.

What shows best explain economic news?

By contextualizing monetary developments shaping societies, Planet Money deciphers banking, policy, and marketplace events for mainstream citizens. Their distinct examinations enlighten broader populations, not just privileged finance circles, through storytelling and unconventional angles. Economic literacy springs listening here.

Can podcasts improve couple-money relationships?

As exemplified through Rich By Intention, podcast wisdom impacts marital fiscal fitness positively when partners co-listen while running errands or tackling chores. Shared growth opportunities emerge, discussing takeaways afterward. But both must participate proactively for prosperity to persevere.

How can I choose between so many options?

With endless shows flooding the podcast space, focus first on personalized priorities and preferred learning styles. Seek hosts exhibiting relatable sensibilities over stuffy academic tones. Not all financial fluency fluently transfers equally given unique circumstances. Curate content aligning with your situation. Consume narrowly, deeply. Contentment follows comprehension.

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