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Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

With the rise of smartphones and wearable devices, digital payment methods like Apple Pay have become increasingly popular. The convenience of tapping to pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch makes checkout faster and simpler. As more consumers adopt these technologies, restaurants and the retailers must decide if they will accept contactless payments like Apple Pay.

One popular fast-casual chain that has embraced the move towards mobile payments is Chipotle. With over 2,500 locations across the United States, Chipotle aims to provide a streamlined customer experience, including when it comes to payment.

So does Chipotle take Apple Pay? How can you use it in their restaurants and app? This guide will cover everything you need to know about paying with Apple Pay at Chipotle.

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What is Apple Pay?

The Evolution of Apple Pay

Apple Pay was first introduced in 2014 as a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple. It allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web using their Apple devices. To use Apple Pay, you must have an iPhone 6 or later model, an Apple Watch, or a Mac paired with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Since its launch, Apple Pay has rapidly grown in adoption. As of 2022, it is accepted at over 90% of US retailers and is responsible for about 5% of all card transactions in the country. Its contactless payment functionality is easy to set up and valued for its security and convenience.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers users several benefits over traditional payment methods:

  • Security – Each transaction is authorized with Face ID, Touch ID, or double-click on Apple Watch, and card details are never shared directly with merchants. This helps reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Convenience – Checking out takes seconds. There’s no need to carry cards or cash.
  • Rewards integration – Apple Pay works with most major credit/debit cards, maintaining any rewards points or cash back you may earn.
  • Accessibility – It’s easy to use for anyone with an eligible Apple device, unlike payments like Android Pay.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay

Chipotle’s Adoption of Apple Pay

Chipotle’s Digital Transformation

As a forward-thinking brand, Chipotle has heavily invested in its mobile ordering capabilities and overall digital experience in recent years. In 2019, they revealed an ambitious digital transformation plan aimed at making the customer journey as seamless as possible.

This included emphasizing conveniences like mobile order-ahead, delivery, and contactless payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay. By Q1 2022, their digital sales had grown to $870 million, accounting for 37.6% of revenue.

How Chipotle Incorporates Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay at Chipotle in the following ways:

  • In-store – At participating locations, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal to check out. Employees may ask you to confirm payment with Face ID/Touch ID.
  • Drive-thru – Select locations with Chipotlanes also accept contactless payments through the drive-thru window.
  • Chipotle app – Load your Apple Pay card to the Chipotle app and check out within the app for pick-up or delivery orders.

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How to Use Apple Pay at Chipotle

Setting Up Apple Pay on Your Device

To use Apple Pay at Chipotle, you first need to set it up:

  • On your iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap the “+” icon. Follow the steps to add your debit or credit card.
  • For Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the Wallet & Apple Pay section. Add your card and verify your information.
  • On Mac, add cards to Apple Pay via System Preferences > Wallet & Apple Pay. Authenticate with your fingerprint or password.

You can add multiple cards and change your default card at any time.

Making a Payment at Chipotle

Once Apple Pay is set up, here is how to use it at Chipotle:

  • In-store: When you’re ready to pay, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal. Authenticate with Face/Touch ID or double-click your Apple Watch side button. You’ll see “Done” and hear a beep when complete.
  • Chipotle app: Select your food, choose a location, then select Apple Pay as the payment method. Double-click the side button on your iPhone to authenticate with Face/Touch ID and complete payment.

That’s it! Apple Pay will automatically use your default card to complete the purchase.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Chipotle

Speed and Efficiency

With Apple Pay, you can skip pulling out your wallet and swiping or inserting a card when paying at Chipotle. Transactions happen in seconds, helping lines move faster – especially during busy rush hours. This makes the checkout process more convenient for both customers and staff.

Promotions and Rewards

When you use a credit or debit card via Apple Pay, you can still earn any rewards points, cash back, or coupons you would normally receive. Chipotle is also known to offer special discounts for mobile app users, which you can redeem seamlessly using Apple Pay.

Other Digital Payment Methods at Chipotle

While Apple Pay is widely supported, Chipotle also accepts other contactless payment methods like:

  • Google Pay – Android smartphone users can pay by tapping their device.
  • Samsung Pay – Available on newer Samsung Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches.
  • Chipotle Gift Cards – Redeemable in-store and in the app using gift card numbers and PINs.

So even non-Apple users have mobile payment options at Chipotle for added convenience.


Is Apple Pay accepted at all Chipotle locations?

Yes, Apple Pay can be used at most Chipotle locations in the US. However, it’s a good idea to check with your local restaurant first in case they haven’t yet updated their payment terminals. Before ordering in the app, you can also verify Apple Pay is accepted at your chosen pickup location.

Can I use Apple Pay for online orders?

You can use Apple Pay to order ahead or have your food delivered through the Chipotle app and website. Simply select Apple Pay at checkout to pay securely without entering your card details. For app orders, just authenticate with Face/Touch ID.

What if my Apple Pay doesn’t work at Chipotle?

If you’re having trouble using Apple Pay at the checkout, first make sure you have a stable internet/cell connection for transactions to process. If it still doesn’t work, try powering your device off and on again or removing and re-adding your cards in Wallet. You can also try paying with a regular credit card instead. Check Apple Pay status pages for any system outages.


With its convenience, security, and ease of use, Apple Pay is a great payment option for Chipotle fans. You can use it seamlessly both in-store and in their app for a streamlined checkout experience. Just remember to add your cards to Wallet and authenticate payments with Face/Touch ID on your Apple device. So next time you’re craving a burrito bowl, leave your wallet behind and pay with a simple tap!

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