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Invest in ServiceTitan Stock: Is ServiceTitan Publicly Traded?

Wondering how to buy ServiceTitan stock? As a leading field service management SaaS platform, ServiceTitan empowers HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home service businesses to manage operations efficiently.

With over 200% in annual recurring revenue growth and an estimated $9.5 billion valuation, investors are keen to own a piece of this high-growth company before it goes public. Here’s what potential investors need to know:

What Is ServiceTitan?

Founded in 2012 by Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan, Glendale, California based ServiceTitan offers an integrated suite of software to streamline field service and home services businesses.

The end-to-end solutions include customer relationship management, scheduling, dispatch, field worker mobile apps, accounting integrations, digital payments and more. With over 11,000 business customers, ServiceTitan is among the fastest growing SaaS companies serving this $400 billion market segment.

Key ServiceTitan Stats:

  • Founded: 2012
  • Founders: Ara Mahdessian, Vahe Kuzoyan
  • Headquarters: Glendale, CA
  • Market Valuation: $9.5 billion (June 2021)
  • Funding Raised: Over $1.4 billion
  • Key Investors: Index Ventures, Tiger Global, T Rowe Price, ICONIQ Capital
  • Annual Recurring Revenue: Over $200 million

When Will ServiceTitan Go Public?

ServiceTitan is currently private but is expected to have an IPO in 2024 according to recent reports. After strong momentum in 2020 and 2021, it initially filed confidential IPO paperwork in January 2022 which it later withdrew. With signs of recovery in the IPO market expected in 2024, ServiceTitan seems poised to test public markets again.

What Will The ServiceTitan IPO Stock Symbol And Ticker Be?

Once ServiceTitan goes ahead with its planned IPO, the company will reveal details on the offering including the stock ticker symbol that will trade under. Based on typical ticker naming conventions, “STTN” or “SVTT” look like probable ticker options if available.

How Much Will ServiceTitan Stock Cost?

As a private company currently, there is no ServiceTitan share price available. However private company valuations and estimates of total shares outstanding allow an approximation of potential stock price.

At the $9.5 billion valuation from June 2021 funding round, and assuming 250 million total shares, the implied value per share would be approximately $42. However do note that these numbers can fluctuate a lot based on new funding rounds and cap table changes.

How To Buy ServiceTitan Stock Before IPO

Since ServiceTitan continues to be privately held for now, direct stock purchases are restricted. However the Fundrise Innovation Fund provides a way for retail investors to own shares in ServiceTitan pre-IPO.

Fundrise invested nearly $10 million into ServiceTitan, making it the largest holding in its Innovation Fund. With investment minimums as low as $10, accredited and unaccredited investors can participate.

How To Buy Stock After ServiceTitan IPO

Once ServiceTitan completes its eventual IPO, investors will be able to buy stock easily as they would for other public companies. Major online brokers such as Etrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab all allow stock purchases with no trade commissions.

M1 Finance stands out specifically for long term buy-and-hold investing at zero fees. While most brokers do not provide access to IPO shares, TradeStation, SoFi Invest and Robinhood have been expanding retail investor access to popular IPO deals.

Should You Invest in ServiceTitan Stock?

With strong top line growth, expanding margins and leadership position in an underserved market niche, ServiceTitan stock presents an attractive opportunity for growth-oriented investors once it becomes accessible.

However as with any high profile tech IPO, valuation risks exist in owning the stock at inflated levels right after the offering. Savvy investors would do well to wait for lockup expirations and initial financial result releases before making investment decisions.

Bottom Line

As a leading field service management solution chasing a large addressable market, ServiceTitan remains one of the most eagerly anticipated tech IPOs on the horizon. Investors should closely track updates from the company as it gears up to debut on public exchanges potentially in 2024.

ServiceTitan Investment FAQs

Here are some quick answers to common questions that investors have about buying ServiceTitan shares:

Can customers invest in the ServiceTitan IPO?

The company could offer IPO share allocations to select customers through a directed share program as an investor relations move. Uber and Airbnb have done it in the past.

When will the S-1 filing happen?

The previously submitted S-1 from January 2022 would likely need to be revised and updated closer to the eventual IPO date before release.

What are the risks in investing?

Execution challenges in new products and markets, increased competition and vulnerability in an economic downturn are some key risks.

Will shares be profitable post-IPO?
With expected high revenue growth ahead, profits may take a back seat in initial years as a public company as well.

What returns can investors expect?

Impossible to predict reliably, but annual returns in the 15%+ range seems feasible if growth trajectory holds up.

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