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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in capital goods

    List of Available Jobs in Capital Goods: February 2024

    Capital goods refer to the physical, tangible objects businesses use to produce goods and services. They include machinery, vehicles, equipment, tools, buildings, and other infrastructure. These goods differ from consumer goods as they are invested in rather than bought outright. The capital goods industry comprises around 80 overlapping sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, construction, transportation, aerospace, and defense. Companies in this…

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  • Business and EconomyMost dangerous jobs in the world

    Top 10 Horribly Dangerous Jobs in the World

    Workplace safety has improved remarkably over the last century, yet some professions remain extraordinarily hazardous. Jobs with the highest risk of injury or fatality usually involve working in dangerous environments, extreme physical labor, operating heavy machinery, and other treacherous tasks. While workplace deaths have decreased across most industries, deaths from dangerous jobs are still high compared to other professions. Understanding…

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  • Business and EconomySnapchat-App

    Snapchat Cuts 10% of Staff in Major Restructuring

    Around 500 Employees Laid Off as Social Media Giant Seeks Efficiency Gains San Francisco, CA – Snap Inc., the company behind popular social media app Snapchat, announced major layoffs on Monday amounting to around 10% of its global workforce. Approximately 500 employees will be affected by the job cuts as Snapchat looks to restructure and promote in-person collaboration. The latest…

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  • Business and EconomyNetflix-stocks

    Stocks Hit Record Highs as Netflix Earnings Boost Tech Optimism

    The stock market rallied to new heights on Wednesday, led by strong gains in tech stocks. The S&P 500 closed at a record high, while the Nasdaq also posted solid gains. Driving the optimism was an upbeat earnings report from Netflix, which saw subscriber growth dramatically exceed expectations. Netflix added over 13 million paid members globally in Q4, crushing estimates…

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  • Market Trends and InnovationsBull market vs bear market

    Bull Market vs Bear Market: What’s the Difference?

    Understanding the characteristics of a bull market versus a bear market is key for investors looking to make smart decisions. This guide examines the differences between bull and bear markets, including the unique dynamics of a crypto bull run, and strategies to navigate each type successfully. What is a Bull Market? A bull market refers to a prolonged period where…

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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in public utilities

    List of Available Jobs in Public Utilities | Get Hired Easily!

    As vital services providing electricity, natural gas, water, sewage treatment and telecommunications to homes and businesses, public utilities offer over 558,000 stable, good-paying jobs in the United States. With an aging workforce retiring in the coming years and increasing infrastructure demands of a growing population, the number of utility jobs available is projected to rise even further. Read More: What…

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  • Business and Economywhat do public utilities jobs pay

    What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

    The public utilities sector plays a vital role in providing essential services like electricity, gas, water, sewage, and telecommunications to homes and businesses. As such, jobs in public utilities offer stable careers with good salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for all occupations in utilities is $69,960, much higher than the national average…

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  • Business and Economyglobal perspective on consumer services employment

    Global Perspective on Consumer Services Employment

    Introduction to Consumer Services Worldwide Consumer services meet the daily needs of individuals and households worldwide. This vital sector includes industries like retail, tourism, healthcare, finance, and more. As a major employer globally, consumer services reflect the health of economies. Analyzing the Global Job Market in Consumer Services Employment Statistics Around the World Countries with strong middle classes tend to…

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  • Business and Economywhat companies are in the basic industries

    What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field?

    Introduction to Basic Industries The basic materials and goods that serve as the foundation for economic activity are produced by companies in the basic industries sector. These industries supply the essential raw materials, energy, infrastructure, and components needed to fuel manufacturing, construction, transportation, and commercial activity across sectors. Basic industry companies operate in mining, oil and gas extraction, energy and…

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  • Business and Economyavailable jobs in basic industries

    List of Available Jobs in Basic Industries

    Basic industries form the foundation of the economy by producing raw materials, fuel, infrastructure and other essentials that enable virtually all public and private sector activity. These sectors include manufacturing, agriculture, mining, energy, utilities and construction. Understanding employment levels across basic industries provides insight into the health, productivity and growth trends powering the broader economic landscape. As key suppliers and…

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