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The Next Crypto Bull Run is Coming – Brace Yourselves

The crypto world is abuzz with speculation about when the next major bull run will occur and how high crypto prices could go. In this extensive guide, we will analyze expert predictions to determine the potential start and end dates of the upcoming bull run, expected Bitcoin prices, and the projected total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Whether you are a seasoned crypto investor or just entering the market, these insights can help you make strategic investment decisions and maximize profits during the next historic crypto surge.

When Does the Bull Run Start?

When Does the Bull Run Start?

To predict the start of the upcoming crypto bull run, many experts analyze the Bitcoin halving cycles. Historically, Bitcoin has experienced a significant price rise in the 12-18 months following each halving event.

The next crypto bull run is estimated to occur in early 2024. Ian Balina, founder of analytics firm Token Metrics, predicts the bull run could commence around April 2024, based on past market patterns following halving.

This timeline indicates investors may want to start positioning portfolios in 2023 in anticipation of the price uptrend. However, the crypto markets are highly volatile, so it is critical to continue monitoring price movements.

How High Will Bitcoin Climb?

Now that we have a timeframe for the start of the bull run, let’s examine price predictions for Bitcoin. As the dominant cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s price tends to set the overall market trend.

Ian Balina anticipates Bitcoin reaching $150,000 during the next bull cycle, a nearly 5x increase from current levels around $30,000. This projection takes into account previous bull run gains of 90x in 2012 and 30x in 2016.

Other experts forecast even higher prices – as much as $200,000 to $300,000 per BTC. But even at the conservative estimate of $150,000, Bitcoin offers significant upside potential.

When Will the Bull Run End?

While the start of the bull market excites investors, it is equally important to understand when it could end properly time exit strategies.

Based on lengthening cycles, Ian Balina provides 3 scenarios for the end date of the upcoming bull run:

  • Bear case: March 2026
  • Base case: June 2026
  • Moon case: November 2026

Investors should prepare to hold crypto assets for anywhere from 2 to 3 years once the bull run kicks off. Having a multi-year outlook is critical for realizing the parabolic gains this market is known for while avoiding knee-jerk reactions to volatility along the way.

How High Could the Total Crypto Market Cap Go?

How High Could the Total Crypto Market Cap Go

In addition to individual crypto prices, we also want to evaluate predictions for the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies combined.

Ian Balina anticipates the total crypto market cap could reach:

  • $8 trillion in the bear case
  • $10 trillion in the base case
  • $14 trillion in the moon case

For reference, the current total crypto market cap is around $1.5 trillion. So, the projections call for phenomenal growth of over 500% to 900%, signaling tremendous opportunities in the space.


While any predictions involve some degree of uncertainty, the analysis brings into focus several high probability outcomes for the next crypto bull run:

  • Bitcoin spiking up to $150k+
  • Altcoins outpacing Bitcoin’s gains
  • Total crypto market cap exceeding $8 trillion
  • Bull run lasting at least 2 years

Of course, this remains speculation until the market cycle plays out. But by learning from historical data and industry experts, investors can make informed decisions and structure portfolios to profit from the next monumental crypto bull run.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the crypto landscape is heating up. Those taking the time to analyze expert insights and position themselves properly today will be poised to generate life-changing wealth as the next bull market unfolds. So brace yourselves – the next crypto super cycle could be starting sooner than you think!


What is a crypto bull run?

A crypto bull run refers to a prolonged period of increasing prices and optimism in the crypto market. It is typified by surging values for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Previous bull runs have seen crypto prices rise exponentially over a period of several months to years.

What causes a crypto bull run?

There are a few key factors that typically contribute to starting a crypto bull run:

  • Bitcoin halving events that reduce new supply
  • Increased mainstream adoption and investment
  • Major technological developments and upgrades
  • High amounts of media coverage and hype

How long do crypto bull runs last?

Based on past bull runs in crypto, the durations have been:

  • 2012-2013 bull run: 9 months
  • 2016-2017 bull run: 1 year
  • 2020-2021 bull run: 1 year

The 2022 bull run is projected to last 2-3 years, given lengthening cycles. But there are no guarantees when crypto bull runs begin and end.

What is the total crypto market cap?

The total crypto market cap refers to the combined market capitalization or total value of all cryptocurrencies in circulation. This metric helps gauge the overall growth and adoption of crypto. The current market cap is around $1.5 trillion but is forecasted to grow substantially in the next bull run.

How high can altcoin prices go during a bull run?

While Bitcoin tends to see large gains during bull runs, altcoins have historically massively outperformed Bitcoin in terms of ROI. Some altcoins may deliver 10x to 100x gains, especially low market cap gems.


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