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10 Best Personal Finance Blogs to Increase Your Money Skills

Managing your personal finances and achieving financial goals like getting out of debt, saving for retirement, or buying a house takes dedication and continued learning. One of the best ways to increase your money skills and financial know-how is to follow advice from top personal finance blogs and experts.

With so many great blogs publishing valuable money tips, deals, and insights, how do you decide which ones to add to your regular reading list? Here is an extensive list of the 10 best personal finance blogs providing excellent advice on how to set financial goals and how to improve financial literacy in 2023.

The Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs in 2023

Money Saving Mom is one of the most visited personal finance websites, with over 8 million monthly pageviews. Since 2007, blogger Crystal Paine has been offering tips on saving money, getting freebies, and reducing debt. Everything from grocery shopping strategies to DIY projects helps moms and families live well on less.

With over 7 million monthly readers, Good Financial Cents provides education for achieving financial independence. Expert finance blogger Jeff Rose offers great investing, retirement planning, insurance, and real estate advice. His financial calculator tools also help readers with money decisions.

10 Top Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow in 2023

best money saving tips

In addition to the most visited money blogs, there are lesser known personal finance websites offering excellent money advice, insights, and inspiration. Here are 10 top personal finance bloggers providing valuable perspectives this year:

  1. Richard from Get Rich Slowly has been blogging about better money management and smart consumerism since 2006. He offers practical guidance and inspiration for people seeking to get out of debt, increase income, and achieve financial goals.
  2.  Early retiree Mr. Money Mustache takes an entertaining approach to escaping the rat race by spending less and investing more. His money tips emphasize frugality, bicycling, DIY, and enjoying life on your own terms.
  3. Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich takes a non-traditional approach focused on proven psychology-based money tactics. He provides systems for automating and optimizing finances so you can live your rich life.
  4. The Budget Mom is all about intentional budgeting, organization, and minimalist efficiency for moms and families. This top blog offers family budget printables, office tools, calendars, and grocery lists for managing home and finances.
  5. Afford Anything’s Paula Pant inspires and educates on earning more, spending mindfully, and investing in assets that generate passive income. She provides roadmaps for achieving financial independence and early retirement.
  6. Brad from Money Wizard demonstrates that financial literacy is liberating and wealth is possible for average Americans through smart money habits. He shares advice on budgeting, side hustles, investing, and avoiding lifestyle inflation.
  7. J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly provides practical personal finance guidance focused on spending mindfully, getting out of debt, and making smart financial decisions. His advice aims to help readers achieve financial freedom.
  8. The Finance Twins Edward and Albert Antaran teach wealth-building tips to achieve financial freedom. As millennial FIRE enthusiasts, they provide a relatable perspective on investing, side incomes, and personal finance strategies.
  9. Clever Girl Finance founder Bola Sokunbi empowers women to take control of their financial futures through education, community, and smart money habits. She provides tips to help women earn more, budget thoughtfully, and invest.
  10. Matt Becker of Mom and Dad Money offers financial help for parents trying to balance family, work, and personal finances. His advice covers budgeting, saving, debt, insurance, taxes, retirement, college, and more.

How to Use the Top Personal Finance Blogs List

With over two dozen of the best personal finance bloggers and experts mentioned so far, how do you decide which money blogs to follow? Here are some tips:

  • Scan the list for finance blogs that align with your top money goals right now like getting out of debt, learning to invest, or budgeting as a parent.
  • Look for bloggers you vibe with based on their tone and message – do their values and priorities resonate with yours?
  • Search for personal finance blogs that speak to your stage of life whether that’s college, career, parenthood, small business owner, retirement, etc.
  • Find experts who create content about your most pressing financial topics whether that’s banking, credit, taxes, real estate, college savings, insurance, etc.
  • Mix up the blogs you follow regularly by adding new voices and perspectives over time. Variety helps cover more money topics.

Following even two to three of these top personal finance bloggers that fit your needs can provide huge value through money tips, education, motivation, and community. Also read Suggest Wise guide on how to create a personal budget that will help you in your life.

What’s the Best Personal Finance Blog For You?

With so many great money management blogs and experts to choose from, how do you find the best personal finance blogs to add to your regular reading rotation?

Consider what money topics and financial advice would be most useful right now:

Are you looking to organize your finances and create a budget? Try blogs focused on intentional money management like Dave Ramsey or The Budget Mom.

Do you need help getting out of debt? Debt Free Guys or Clever Girl Finance provide great debt payoff tips and motivation.

Is investing advice your top priority? Blogs like Money Wizard, 1500 Days, and Good Financial Cents offer investing education.

Interested in financial independence (FIRE)? Mr. Money Mustache, Afford Anything, and Budgets Are Sexy share FIRE knowledge.

Need parenting money advice? Check out Money Saving Mom, Mom and Dad Money, or Making Sense of Cents.

Once you identify your top money goals and interests, scan this list of the best finance blogs to find ones producing practical, engaging content that fits your needs. Then subscribe and start putting their money tips into action!

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The Best Financial Blogs for Women

While all the personal finance experts mentioned so far offer tips that apply to anyone, female readers may also benefit from advice specifically for women’s financial empowerment and money matters. Here are some top financial blogs for women:

Clever Girl Finance

Bola Sokunbi aims to help women earn more, manage money better, and invest to build wealth. She shares finance education and community.

Savvy Honey

Offers money tips for women on budgeting, paying off debt, organizing finances, side hustles, and splurges too.

Women Who Money

Blogger Barbara Friedberg provides investing education, financial advice, and entrepreneur tips for women at all stages of life.

Her First $100K

Fun, practical money advice focused on earning, saving, investing, budgeting, and building wealth as an ambitious woman.

The Fiscal Femme

Ashley offers guidance for women to take control of day-to-day finances, reduce student loan debt, and reach big goals.

Spilling the Tea on Money

Blogger Tori Dunlap helps women talk more openly about money, gain confidence, and develop financial awareness.

These female-focused personal finance blogs provide added insight into money issues like the gender pay gap, budgeting as a busy mom, navigating personal and family finances, and overcoming financial barriers women often face.

The Penny Hoarder

One of the most widely read personal finance blogs, The Penny Hoarder provides practical money saving hacks, tips, insights and inspiration to a massive audience. With over 16 million monthly readers, this blog clearly resonates with folks looking for actionable ways to optimize spending and improve finances.

Some popular types of content from The Penny Hoarder include:

Spent Wisely and Invest Wisely

Ways to Get Free Stuff

Tips for scoring freebies from free samples and coupons to contests and rewards programs. Helps you save money on stuff you’d buy anyway.

Bill Negotiation Advice

Tactics for lowering monthly bills and services like cable, internet, insurance, subscriptions, and more. Saves hundreds per year.

Side Gig and Work Ideas

Guidance for earning extra money through part-time jobs, monetizing hobbies, renting your space, and other creative income streams.

Budget-Friendly Meals

Money-saving meals, cheap homemade snacks, and grocery shopping tips help families eat well on a budget.

Personal Finance Education

Covers budgeting basics, understanding credit, managing debt, retirement contributions, and more personal finance 101 guidance.

Frugal Living Hacks

Creative ideas for repurposing items, DIY solutions, cutting household expenses, and simplifying finances.

The wide range of money-saving ideas and tips makes The Penny Hoarder a great resource for anyone looking for actionable ways to spend less and get their finances on track. Check this leading money blog regularly or subscribe by email to get the latest strategies.

The Best Money Blogs for Parents

Moms and dads trying to balance work, family, and personal finances have a lot on their plates. Luckily, some top personal finance bloggers provide money tips and parenting advice specifically for families. Here are the best money blogs for parents:

Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine shares grocery savings, meal plans, cleaning tips, parenting advice, and deals to help families live well on less.

The Budget Mom

Offers family budgeting strategies, meal plans, calendars, printables, and organization tools to manage home and finances.

Parenting Chaos

Nicole helps moms budget, organize, declutter, streamline kid routines, and manage family finances amid parenting chaos.

Home Money Mom

Provides money-saving tips for moms as well as guidance on making extra income through small business ideas.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle offers money advice for moms and families including budgets, saving, earning, parenting, travel deals, recipes, and more.

Mom and Dad Money

Practical personal finance topics to help parents raise kids without going broke covering insurance, allowances, college savings, taxes, and more.

With these parenting money blogs in your regular feed, you’ll get budget-friendly family meal plans, smart strategies for spending less, and general life and financial advice from fellow moms and dads experiencing the same money struggles. Following a few family-focused personal finance blogs can help relieve money stress and equip you to better manage family finances.

The Best Personal Finance Blogs for Canadians

create a successful budget to increase your money skills

While many money management tips apply universally, Canadians have some unique financial considerations like Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Here are some top personal finance blogs tailored specifically for Canadians:

Modest Money

Offers investing tips, reviews, and advanced personal finance strategies for Canadians focused on building wealth and achieving financial independence.

Canadian Budget Binder

Budgeting advice, money-saving tips, and household finance strategies for Canadians trying to reduce debt and meet financial goals.

Boomer & Echo

Covers money topics like investing, retirement planning, insurance, and taxes for Canadians in mid-life and beyond.

How to Save Money

Canadian couponer and deal hunter Kyle Taylor provides extreme budgeting challenges, grocery savings tips, and ways to save money in Canada.

Young and Thrifty

Brings millennial and Gen Z perspectives on earning more, finding work, spending mindfully, traveling, and achieving financial goals.

These Canada-focused personal finance blogs will help you optimize finances as a Canadian. You’ll get tailored advice on registered savings programs, taxes, credit cards, banks, phone plans, and other topics unique to managing money as a Canadian.


Improving your money management skills, getting out of debt, and building wealth over time requires dedication and continued learning. Among the best ways to increase your financial know-how is to read and learn from top personal finance blogs. Like here you can read the guide on financial literacy for teens.

The blogs and experts mentioned in this guide represent some of the most popular, helpful, and insightful money blogs to add to your regular reading list. Focus on finding ones that fit your specific financial goals, interests, values, and stage of life.

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