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How to Borrow Money on Cash App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cash App has become a popular financial tool for sending and receiving money. But did you know you can also borrow money through their app? This guide covers everything you need to know about getting a Cash App loan.

Preparing to Borrow on Cash App

Before applying for a Cash App loan, you’ll need to meet some basic requirements and set up your account:

Eligibility Criteria to Borrow Money

To qualify for a Cash App loan, you’ll typically need to be 18+ years old, have a valid US bank account and steady income, good credit history, and complete ID verification.

Setting Up Your Cash App Account

Download the app, create an account, link your bank account, set up a free Cash Card, and enable direct deposit to get your account ready for borrowing.

How to Apply for a Cash App Loan


Applying for a loan through Cash App is quick and straightforward:

Navigating to the Loan Section

Open the Cash App, tap the “Banking” tab, and select the “Loan” or “Borrow” option to start the loan application.

Completing the Loan Application

Provide your personal details, desired loan amount within set limits, review and accept the loan terms, and submit your completed application for approval.

Cash App Loan Terms and Conditions

Familiarize yourself with the loan terms before borrowing:

Loan Amounts and Interest Rates

Loan amounts range from $20-$2000 based on eligibility. A fixed interest rate of 5-30% is charged depending on creditworthiness and the loan amount.

Repayment Schedules and Penalties

Loans must be repaid within 1-4 weeks typically. Late fees are charged for missed payments, and non-repayment can impact your credit score.

Manage Your Cash App Borrowing Responsibly


Follow these tips once approved for a Cash App loan:

Accessing the Loan Funds

The borrowed amount will be deposited into your Cash App or linked bank account instantly after loan approval. You can spend it via your Cash Card.

Repaying on Time

Ensure you have the repayment amount on the due date to avoid late fees. Auto-pay can help schedule repayments conveniently.

Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Cash App borrowing has advantages but also limitations:

Speed and Few Requirements are Benefits

Applying is fast and eligibility criteria are minimal compared to traditional loans. This provides quick access to funds.

Limited Amounts and Repayment Period are Drawbacks

The loan amounts and repayment durations are relatively short. Other lenders may offer better terms.


How quickly can I get a Cash App loan?

You can access loan funds within minutes if approved. The automated process enables near instantaneous borrowing.

What’s the maximum I can borrow on Cash App?

The maximum is typically $2000, but your specific limit depends on eligibility, credit check, and other factors. First-time borrowers have lower limits.

Does borrowing impact my credit score?

Late or missed repayments can negatively impact your credit. But Cash App only runs a soft credit check that has no effects on your score.

Are there fees for Cash App loans?

No additional fees, but a fixed interest rate is charged on the loan amount. Interest ranges from 5-30% depending on your credit profile.

What if I can’t repay my Cash App loan on time?

Contact Cash App immediately for options. Renewals or extensions may be available but can add fees or interest charges.

The Bottom Line

When used responsibly, Cash App loans can provide quick access to funds in a pinch. But weigh the costs and risks before borrowing. Manage repayments diligently to avoid damaging your finances or credit.

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