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Nevada GOP Voters Say “None of the Above” in Primary

Majority choose no candidate in protest vote ahead of Thursday caucus

CARSON CITY, Nev. – In an extraordinary protest against the current field of candidates, over 60% of Nevada Republican voters chose “none of these candidates” in Tuesday night’s presidential primary election. With 93% of expected votes counted, 63% opted for “none,” dwarfing the totals for the names actually on the ballot.

Nikki Haley came in second with just 31% of the vote, while Mike Pence lagged far behind at 4%. The ballot did not include major potential 2024 candidates like former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and others. Their absence left many GOP voters dissatisfied with their options.

Washoe and Clark Counties Join the Rejection

The distaste for the current crop of candidates was consistent across Nevada’s population centers. Washoe County registered 56% for “none,” with Clark County even higher at 63%.

None” Sets Up Push for Alternatives at Thursday Caucus

The strong showing for “none” sets the stage for Republicans to draft alternate candidates at Thursday’s caucus. The caucus will determine which candidates actually receive delegates. Trump and DeSantis are expected to benefit from the desire for different choices.

Democratic Contest Called for Biden at Poll Closing

On the Democratic side, the race was called for President Joe Biden immediately after polls closed at 7 PM local time Tuesday. Biden enjoyed an uncontested path to his party’s nomination.

So Nevada Republicans used Tuesday’s primary to send a definitive message – they are not satisfied with the current options for 2024. All eyes now turn to Thursday’s caucus, where the search for a nominee may take a whole new direction after Tuesday’s protest vote.

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